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Here at Shedosha Records we believe that the right music can have a powerful impact in the world. 

We are a Label that has traditional values, and understands that music means different things to different people.

Building their business on that exact premise, with a goal driven team supporting musical talent that the world will never forget.

Their ability to get the very best from every artist should give you ample reason to get in touch.

The foundation that Shedosha Records has built itself upon, is that there is no limitations to an artists skills, and creative talent.

We are always searching for original works, and creative Producers and Song writers to work with. 

As an Electronic Music Label we pride ourselves on assisting, and growing our artists to their fullest potential.

Originality is key, and we love that about imaginative people.

With our partners in distribution, and support teams, we ensure satisfactory releases, and solid promoting foundations.

All our artists need to do, is focus on creating exciting and original music.

We as the Label do the heavy lifting, in promoting, distributing, cover art, etc.

We are a Label that looks beyond, the normal boundaries.

Backing our artists, and welcoming fresh ideas and unique styles, is what we thrive on.

We work around our artists, and not the other way around.

True untapped talent, is what we are searching for.

No matter your age or your social media presence, we are looking for great sounding music.

​Don't try to be someone else.

Be original, Be yourself.

You are the story teller.

If you believe that you have what it takes, check out our demo submission's page, and get in touch.


For more information. Contact us on:



As our growth continues. We are always looking to partner with new and exciting franchises.
While we have some Partnerships in our label. There are always opportunities to arise from meeting, and creating lasting relationships with other labels, and Businesses.

If you feel that you would be interested in collaborating, and creating a partnership with us here at Shedosha Records. 
Feel Free to contact us on our contacts page.

We look forward to working with you.

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